Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take a look at: Cindy Woods

"13 year old Zana drawing me
at The Richmond Folk Festival today, I was passing through the craft booths and saw this young boy drawing, he saw I was drawing too, he pulled over a new sheet of paper and started to draw me, I did the same, we smiled at each other, an impromptu Portrait Party! We exchanged e-mails and names after, when I receive his drawing of me I'll post it too.
Drawing by Cindy Woods (1956-2008)
This is honest and pure direct drawing. 
Drawing what you see. Drawing everything all the time. Your style is your story. 
This is her story...in honor of Cindy, please take a look at some of her drawings
You can find much more about her there if you want by starting at the beginning. 
You'll be better for it if you do.

Above: Portrait of Cindy drawn by her niece, Ellen. This was done at one of the family's portrait parties. Everyone draws a portrait of someone else.