Drawing is a part of you, it's in you right now waiting to tell a story, make a joke, create a world, express, play, challenge, risk, heal, clarify, focus, educate, and connect. It is a respite, salve, outlet, and companion.

 The Drawing Horse Project

 Stay grounded and practiced in 100% real drawing and coloring. Don't let digital software do most of the work. They should both support your process.
Traditional drawing and metrics can work together as well but need time apart to breathe.
Bring a little irony with you, don't be so literal with everything (especially thumbnails and covers) because there's probably more to it than what you see, feed your mind, and don't too discouraged. Especially if you believe drawing realistic is the way-point of drawing, the only thing worth doing...it isn't. Work through your drawing challenges. The more you draw the better your line making confidence and control will be. For the wild territory of drawing is vast and takes time to absorb. 
What are the ideas behind your drawings? The stories? Not just the technical skill or surface ability but what's driving it. How much can it be pushed, worked, critiqued, and challenged. 
Your style is your story. What's your story? 

    It's an idea to get you drawing. 
Something to learn from and draw from. 
To study and present drawing and drawing instruction as a whole without fixating on only a few styles, methods, or mediums.
To take a look at your process (or how you work) and what would keep you drawing.
To challenge how you approach and think about drawing now.
To remind you that your style is your story: preserve it, work with it, allow it to communicate.
To trigger and re-invoke memories of your first drawing experiences. 
Why did you continue or stop drawing?
To imbue the true scope of drawing. 
To personally analyze, maybe a little obsessively, what drawing is, remix it, explore it, question it, look at its history and create an aesthetic and story to share around that visual investigation
See Figure 1. 
Figure 1: The Drawing Horse Project diagram. 

You can access it anywhere since it works online (this site, the YouTube channel, twitter and tumblr), in the studio, outside, inside, with live workshops or on your own as you look around and glean what interests you. It runs the gamut of drawing from someone just starting to draw to someone who draws every day.

As always, please be respectful and acknowledge Daniel or this site as the source if you link, share or borrow anything from this project. Thanks.
All the material (unless noted) including drawings, farrago drawer, and videos for this project are original and created by Daniel Barkeye.

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